Vincenzo Di Maio

These are some of my works!

BlackBox Spot (2023)


Serpenti, with Carlo Caracciolo (Gomorrah), is my first short movie. It's a dark story about ambitions and unfullfillment. Actually it is not available online yet, as it is in competition in various festivals for the season 2022/2023.

Tales from Underground (2022), for BlackBox

With the help coming by Escape Vision's team, I told the stories of 4 photographers that were shooting their works in Naples, in the most real way possible.

Episodio 1 - "STAY TRUE"

The story of Gaetano De Angelis AKA Dastpics in San Giovanni's Bronx: do high rises and sweatpants have hearts?. 

Episodio 2 - "FOREIGN LOVE"

Jake Hartwell, directly from The Basement, told us the most authentic story about Quartieri Spagnoli in Naples. What's the particularity? He is not neapolitan. At least for now.

Episodio 3 - "RAW BEAUTY"

This is an interview to Maria Clara Macrì, an emilian photographer that chose to tell a story about feminine beauty, using as her canvas a neapolitan music artist, La Niña.

Episodio 4 - "COMMON GROUND"

We went back to Quartieri Spagnoli. This time, Mila Cuomo was waiting for us: she tells a story about how a different tradition and a different culture can be integrated without losing its characteristics.

Radici (2022) for GEVI Napoli Basket

In the first episode of this web serie, shot for Napoli's basket team, we chose to tell the story of the fans' passion on a different perspective: we went deep into the pillars of the society, discovering how it feels to support the team you are working for.

Perché sei la mia vita (2021) with RB - Classic Soccer Jerseys

A project that started from the reprint by NR - Nicola Raccuglia of Maradona's historic Napoli shirt, led to the creation of a promotional project really different from the usual (a short doc), which sought to represent, with precision, what the figure of Maradona really meant in and to this city.

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