Vincenzo Di Maio

About Me

I am Vincenzo Di Maio, I was born on 20/10/1998 and I work as a filmmaker. Since I was young, I was passionated about telling stories, and, through years, I developed my skills on various productions. I think my vision is based on two words: love and proficiency. In 2021 I also graduated in literature at the University of Naples Federico II, with the highest grade. I am currently studying in Rome. 

Nice to meet you!

Services I can offer

I can direct, write, photograph, and also work as a one man band! Just give me your ideas, and we will work on them together. 


I know how to make the whole Adobe package (Premiere, Photoshop, AE) sing! But I grade with DaVinci Resolve Studio.


I am actually living between Naples and Rome. But I don't mind travelling abroad.

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